Project Management Templates Download Agile Scrum & PRINCE2

Project Management Templates Download PRINCE2 & Agile Scrum

Project tracking templates download post for PRINCE2 & Agile Scrum projects. This post provides a link to step-by-step walk-through guide to an accompanying project temapltes ZIP file (30 plus templates can be purchased at the following link). The file pack contains;

  1. Detailed and Annotated Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC) Microsoft Project Plan MPP template. Three further Project Plans in MPP template form are also included. These plans can be adapted for Waterfall PRINCE2 or Agile Scrum projects. A PRINCE2 Version 2017 MS Project plan MPP template file is provided.
  2. PowerPoint SDLC Plan on a Page templates which includes a number of slides illustrating different ways to show a project plan on a page (over 15 POAPs included)
  3. Detailed SDLC Excel Project Plan template and seperate accompanying Overview Excel Plan on a Page (POaP) template for those who don’t have Microsoft Project installed on their computer
  4. Project Financial Tracker for internal and external costs including forecast and actuals, annual leave, margin, variation, expenses and accompanying charts. A simpler template is also included to share external project costs with the client as required
  5. Comprehensive RAIDs log (Risk, Action, Issue, Opportunity, Lessons Learned, Dependency, Supplier costs, Expense costs and Change Request tabs) and accompanying charts. Also included is a basic RAIDs tracker for simple projects and bids
  6. Walk-through Word format document for each of the above templates (this document)
  7. A weekly / monthly project status report template (one in WORD and two in PowerPoint) to tailor as appropriate
  8. Project Organisation chart / hierarchy template of project resources to tailor as appropriate
  9. Agile Story Dependency Tracking template for when Agile stories have hard dependencies with client / customer stakeholders / suppliers which then cause project delays and change requests
  10. Project Meeting Minutes Word template to be tailored as required
  11. RACI template for Roles and Responsibilities on the project (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) to be tailored as required
  12. Stakeholder Analysis Plan template (Involve, Inform, Consult, Inform / Monitor) – Stakeholder Influence versus Impact
  13. Benefits Realisation Plan template to be tailored as required

The plan incorporates both key tasks for Start, Execute and Close phases and Agile Framework entries. Project specific entries can be added to, updated or deleted as appropriate to your project or used as a guide to build your own project plan. For Agile, if the Agile ceremonies and tasks are removed, the plan will take the shape of a typical Waterfall project.


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