October 50 years ago at Firs Maternity Home, #Leigh, Lancashire. https://mark-whitfield.com/about/firs-maternity-home-leigh/

Firs Maternity Home, Leigh, Lancashire

I was born in Leigh at First Maternity Home in 1968 (13th October – Sunday).

Firs Farm existed in 1828 and was then bought in 1843 by John and William Hall. The Halls built Firs No. 1 Mill and as a result, many houses were built in the immediate area to accommodate the growing number of manual workers needed to work there.



About 1871, Ralph Tunnicliffe bought the Firs estate and by 1875 had built The Firs as his home. He built Firs No. 2 Mill and formed a joint stock company, Tunnicliffe and Hampson. Ralph died in 1880 and the estate was offered for sale, but it didn’t sell, despite the net income being over £3000.

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Fifty Years (50) old this month alas – My Top 30 #Movies to celebrate the moment https://mark-whitfield.com/videos/top-30-movies/ #MovieList #IMDb#FilmTwitter #Cinema #TopMovies #IMDbList#MovieBuff #Top10Movies #Film

Fifty (50) years old this month. My Top 30  ‘s to celebrate this moment.  I have selected https://mark-whitfield.com/videos/top-30-movies/     


My  Top 30 Movies  in no particular order…

1. El Cid
2. Song of Bernadette
3. The Matrix
4. Warlock (with Henry Fonda)
5. The Caine Mutiny
6. The Eagle Has Landed
7. Hard Times
8. Aliens
9. The Godfather
10. First Blood
11. Die Hard
12. Zulu
13. Groundhog Day
14. Shawshank Redemption
15. Predator
16. Terminator (1 & 2)
17. Jaws
18. A Matter of Life and Death
19. Forbidden Planet
20. Somewhere in Time
21. Wall Street
22. The Bourne Ultimatum
23. Erin Brockovich
24. Husbands and Wives
25. Pulp Fiction
26. Galaxy Quest
27. Goodfellas
28. Thirteens Days (with Kevin Costner)
29. Casino
30. Scaramouche

Russell Newton – Hole in One at Hart Common, Wigan Road, Westhoughton #holeinone #golf

Player: Russell Newton
Date: 07/10/2018
Time: 4:00pm
Club: PW
Hole: 11 (Old Gilly)
Length: 144 yards par 3
Stroke Index: 14
Other Players: Ian Slack & Mark Whitfield
CourseHART COMMON GOLF CLUB, Wigan Road, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 2BX

Winner of the ITL Non-Invitation – Ian Slack with 42 (6’s format)

The Eden Course, St Andrews – 17/09/2018
Winner of the ITL Non-Invitation – Ian Slack with 42 (6’s)

Mark Whitfield ITL Non Invitation Trophy

6250 yards, par 70. Only slightly more forgiving than its contemporaries on the seaward side of the Links, the Eden Course was built in 1914 by Harry S. Colt whose use of natural boundaries and severe bunkers provides a course full of character.

Eden Clubhouse (Eden, Strathtyrum & Balgove courses), St Andrews, KY16 9SF

Some HPE NonStop (Tandem) related groups on LinkedIn…

HPE NonStop Tandem | Guardian OSS Performance Monitoring Management Integrity Blade Itanium ServerNet
332 members currently

BASE24 BASE24-eps – HP NonStop Tandem IBM SUN – Open System Services OSS RealTime – Experts Users
1,514 members currently

PCI DSS Compliant Payments Transactions Compliance Monitoring Alerting Querying Archiving Reporting
472 members currently

SATUG Southern African HP NonStop Tandem NSK Server User Group – SATUG
57 members currently

Payment Engine Applications Forum | Retail and Wholesale | HP NonStop NSK Tandem SUN IBM Windows
343 members currently

HPE NonStop Tandem NSK OSS Open System Services Monitoring – Users, Experts and Technical Authorities 
840 members currently

Job Batch Scheduling | HP NonStop Tandem Guardian Open System Services OSS Servernet Integrity Blade  
371 members currently

BASE24 BASE24-eps User Group Forum | HP NonStop Tandem NSK IBM SUN Windows – News Events Discussion
910 members currently


Golf at St Andrews, Scotland – September 2018

As part of my 50th birthday celebrations and a yearly, informal golf competition amongst friends, I visited St Andrews and played a number of courses including the Eden Golf Course adjacent to the Old Course. We also stopped off at Penrith Gold Course and played 18 just before Storm Helene arrived. Helene travelled across the Atlantic and weakened from a tropical storm to an ex- tropical storm but could be felt on the drive back to Preston.


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