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  • Mark Whitfield Ettore Giallaurito

    Ettore Giallaurito

    Lead Solution Engineer at MuleSoft

    February 4, 2020, MARK worked with Ettore in the same group

    I worked with Mark on a three-month-long MuleSoft Catalyst Launch project for a UK customer. In his capacity as engagement manager, Mark earned my trust after very few interactions and that is thanks to his humbleness and honesty. Mark brought structure to the delivery of the project and managed the customer expectations with the right tact and empathy. I would recommend Mark as a colleague and would be great to share other work experiences with him.
  • Mark Whitfield Callum Marriage

    Callum Marriage

    Software Developer at Capgemini

    January 28, 2020, Callum reported directly to MARK

    Mark Whitfield was my project manager, he provided an excellent barrier between us (developers) and a difficult client. Mark have us adequate space to operate how we wished to whilst ensuring that we followed the agile principles that we set out to follow. Mark was an excellent project manager and I would recommend working with him. 
  • Mark Whitfield Christian Grundy

    Christian Grundy

    Lead Business Analyst at UK Tote Group

    November 17, 2019, MARK worked with Christian in the same group

    Mark and I worked on several complex projects during his time at Betfred and it was clear from when I started working with him, he is a very experienced project manager with a wealth of knowledge of managing projects in the software and technology industries. You could tell Mark was used to working on challenging projects as he always had an understanding of where each project was at and what needed to be done next. We worked very well together and as all good project managers do, he allowed me to grow in my role and had no hesitation in allowing me to step in to cover him while he was focusing on higher priority projects. I would have no hesitation is recommending Mark to a future employer especially one who was looking for a project manager to manage a portfolio of complex projects. 
  • Mark Whitfield Tomás Rabazo Márquez

    Tomás Rabazo Márquez

    Senior Integration Consultant, Chakray

    November 12, 2019, MARK worked with Tomás in the same group

    Mark was the Project Manager for Capgemini. I was working as head of Integration development. Our customer was JLR, the project was a big one with lots of resources not only on customer side but also on ours. Mark was able to do a good planning, with the correct resources, on time delivery and with good relationship between stakeholders. I was having daily Scrum meetings with my team and reporting to Mark. On that way Mark was having a real scenario of the project on a daily basis and all his good decisions where based on that accuracy information. 
  • Mark Whitfield Larry Rider Bou

    Larry Rider Bou

    Integration Solutions Architect en Chakray Consulting

    November 11, 2019, MARK worked with Larry in the same group

    I have worked with Mark on several complex projects with many suppliers involved and I can assure you that he is an excellent project manager, capable of transferring knowledge among all the parties involved in the project, and therefore ensuring a successful completion of the project.
  • Mark Whitfield Chris Wroe

    Chris Wroe

    Lead Business Analyst at FDJ GAMING SOLUTIONS

    November 9, 2019, Chris reported directly to MARK

    I worked with Mark Whitfield during my time at Betfred and from the very start his aptitude at project management became clear. He immediately aligned, what was a chaotic, waterfall workstream, adding structure and putting in place the necessary building blocks to transition us to more Agile processes. In particular I found his engagement with the technical details to be a massive asset to the project. He could immediately recognise the significance of issues and blockers, and his autonomy offered the team respite by him shouldering the burden, where possible, and focusing the group on their respective tasks. He was exceptional to work with and the Agile guidelines he implemented as part of his workstream were adopted across other project teams even after he’d left. 
  • Mark Whitfield Chandan Konuri

    Chandan Konuri

    Integration Architect at Mars

    November 7, 2019, Chandan reported directly to MARK

    We rarely get a chance to work with Project Managers like Mark. It was a pleasure working with him for MuleSoft Professional Services. Even though he had to share his time across multiple MuleSoft Engagements, he managed our engagement with ease and clam, and he was always reachable. However tense a meeting/conversation is, Mark made sure everyone is clam and leaves with a smile. As a manager, Mark earns my highest recommendation. 
  • Mark Whitfield Donna Moores

    Donna Moores

    Head of Delivery at Intelligent Delivery Solutions

    November 7, 2019, Donna reported directly to MARK

    I worked with Mark for several years at Insider Technologies on various projects. Mark was initially my manager at Insider where he provided technical details and specifications to be implemented by myself on various NonStop development projects. Mark has good leadership skills and is also a good team member. He is professional and approachable. When problems arose, he listened to the developers and amended plans to find alternative solutions. It was a pleasure to work with Mark in our time at Insider Technologies, and he would be an asset to any team. 
  • Mark Whitfield Luke Sampson

    Luke Sampson

    Senior Technical Consultant at MuleSoft, a Salesforce company

    October 23, 2019, Luke reported directly to MARK

    I worked very closely with Mark for a number of months on an engagement Mark was leading and I have nothing but good things to say about his delivery style. Mark was always remarkably thorough – something which the client pointed out on a regular basis, and he also remained admirably calm in a highly pressurised environment. I never felt micromanaged by Mark – he always gave me the time and space necessary to allow me to deliver and it was clear he trusted me. Mark is a great guy and very easy to get on with. I really enjoyed working with him and would gladly do so again in the future. 
  • Mark Whitfield Issac Shihabi

    Issac Shihabi

    EVP at Gulf Integration Middle East

    October 23, 2019, Issac worked with MARK but at different companies

    I worked closely with Mark in 2011 as part of an RTLX Reactor product (HP NonStop) installation at a well known bank in Riyadh. This software delivery required a number of key modifications to the product to enable the querying of many Gigabytes of ATM/POS transaction data and tokens from BASE24 processing on the HP NonStop platform. Mark was very professional in his collaborative approach when on-site at the bank and the RTLX product was delivered successfully to meet the banks requirements with Mark fielding all technical and business requests efficiently for a fast turnaround. Mark is also a gifted people’s person and a great communicator. Would very much recommend. 
  • Mark Whitfield swaroop panigrahi

    swaroop panigrahi

    Java/Scala Consultant at HSBC

    October 18, 2019, swaroop managed MARK directly

    I worked with Mark in wincor-nixdorf. I found him very passionate, proactive about his job. He is very kind in his approach while dealing with people. I had a good time working with him.
  • Mark Whitfield Bhaskar Srikanth Naidu

    Bhaskar Srikanth Naidu

    Mulesoft Architect at McKesson

    June 13, 2019, Bhaskar Srikanth worked with MARK but at different companies

    As a Senior Architect/Consultant, I worked with Mark on a couple of key and complex accounts during his time at MuleSoft as a Delivery Manager. Mark was very proactive and collaborative in maintaining a very good and optimised pulse of activity in ensuring software deliveries and enablement to the client were tracked and reported and kept in-line with expectations. MuleSoft employ an Outcome Based Delivery (OBD) approach with a view to setting up a client-side Centre for Enablement (C4E). Mark was very thorough in tracking to this approach to delivery but also adaptable to client needs as appropriate. As a Senior Consultant at MuleSoft, I was always appreciative of Mark’s soft skills and friendly approach and also his ability to keep our approach aligned with the plan so as to avoid unnecessary distractions and maintain the agreed priorities for the statement of work. I would be happy to recommend Mark going forward and hope we can work together again in the future. Thanks for all the support.
  • Mark Whitfield Harry Knibbs

    Harry Knibbs

    Regional Senior Manager, Customer Success UK&I at MuleSoft

    June 10, 2019, MARK worked with Harry in the same group

    As a Customer Success Manager it was always a great experience working with Mark as customers loved him. His was extremely detailed oriented and understood the often complex needs of the customers. Mark never became flustered in high pressure situations and always delivered to the often high expectations of the customer. Mark was a brilliant asset to the MuleSoft professional services team and I will miss working with him. I sincerely hope we get the chance to work together again the the future. 
  • Mark Whitfield Dorian Xhixho

    Dorian Xhixho

    Delivery Principal at MuleSoft, a Salesforce Company

    June 7, 2019, MARK worked with Dorian in the same group

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark, when he delivered MuleSoft engagements on a secondment from Cap Gemini. He landed on new technology, new way of working and yet ramped up pretty quickly. He was very thorough, prompt, detailed and able to handle several engagements at the same time, under increasing customer pressure. I really enjoyed working with Mark and would recommend him to anyone who needs a delivery professional for demanding customers. 
  • Mark Whitfield Claire Wilson

    Claire Wilson

    IT Compliance Analyst at Betfred

    August 22, 2016, MARK worked with Claire in the same group

    I am currently employed as an IT Compliance Analyst at Betfred and worked with Mark during 2015. During this time Mark was employed as a Senior Project Manager mananging both the .COM and mobile delivery for Betfred’s online real estate. This involved managing many of Betfred’s suppliers, the monthly web releases to the live production site and internal resources concerned with UAT testing delivered components. For compliance analysis and verification, Mark worked with myself and the compliance team to ensure that appropriate supplier deliveries were in line with PCI industry directives and that appropriate documentation was updated for both internal and external audits. I would highly recommend Mark for his ability to successfully multi-task under significant pressure whilst still maintaing a diplomatic, professional and friendly approach to dealing with project stakeholders and delivering software. On leaving Betfred, Mark produced a very comprehensive handover document for his many areas of responsibility within Betfred. He showed no signs of winding down through to his day of departure in early 2016 and remained online for those taking up his role responsibilities after leaving.
  • Mark Whitfield Harry Rashid

    Harry Rashid

    Architect, Strategist, Problem Solver

    January 11, 2016, Harry reported directly to MARK

    I worked closely with Mark whilst delivering the Wincor Nixdorf PC/E banking solution for the Lloyds Banking Group. Mark was a pleasure to work with, possessing great communication skills and organisational ability. Mark would remain in constant communication with the development team, helping us organise and prioritise our workload so that we could focus on the technical deliverables. Mark could be relied upon to be pro-active in dealing with ever-changing customer requirements and was a key part of the team that successfully delivered the project.
  • Mark Whitfield Helen Phillips

    Helen Phillips

    Business Analyst at Greensill

    December 16, 2015, MARK worked with Helen in the same group

    I have worked with Mark for about a year now. I would be happy to recommend him for any future role. He is driven and motivated. His digital knowledge is excellent and he is a great team player. He would be an asset to any future company.
  • Mark Whitfield Pete Knight

    Pete Knight

    Contract Java Developer

    December 3, 2014, Pete reported directly to MARK

    I worked as a developer for Mark throughout 2014 when he project managed the development team I was on. It was clear to me from the outset that due to his technical background and comprehension of the system’s complex business models, he had an ease and confidence in communicating on all levels within the team and client alike. His down-to-earth approach and energy to deliver is contagious and as such brings out the best in those that work with him. He is also a thoroughly nice chap with a wicked sense of humour and I would see him being an asset to any project team that he leads. 
  • Mark Whitfield Matt Scott

    Matt Scott

    Cloud Technologist and Fintech Leader

    December 2, 2014, Matt worked with MARK in different groups

    I worked with Mark on a challenging project for a large UK Banking Group – implementing ProClassic/Enterprise and PC/E SmartClient (Win 7) to replace the existing ProCash/NDC (Win XP) Stacks on a variety of multivendor devices. I was impressed with his tenacity and task-based approach to management. He was conscientious in his RAID management and realistic in his project planning. He also has an open approach to communications – which makes working with him enjoyable. He also has a healthy sense of humour which should be a pre-requisite for all Project Managers.
  • Mark Whitfield Peter Heyes

    Peter Heyes


    August 31, 2010, Peter and MARK were students together

    Mark was a dedicated and diligent student who always wanted to achieve high quality results on his course. I’ve no doubt that these qualities have carried Mark forwards on his career in IT.
  • Mark Whitfield Graham Hughes

    Graham Hughes

    Software Engineer

    August 27, 2010, Graham worked with MARK in different groups

    At Deluxe Data, Mark was well regarded as a solid and reliable team member, as well as for his technical expertise. His thorough knowledge of the NonStop platform and his determination to deliver a quality product earned him the respect of his colleagues on each project in which Mark was involved.
  • Mark Whitfield Brian Elsey-WN One Media

    Brian Elsey-WN One Media

    Technical Director at Lamp Media

    August 26, 2010, Brian and MARK were students together

    I’ve known Mark for many years since going to Park High School in the eighties. He had the ‘tech’ bug back then which has never gone away to this day. A very knowledgeable chap and a great person to know.
  • Mark Whitfield Chris Conway

    Chris Conway

    Senior Architect at Quantiv Ltd and Owner, The Book Partnership

    August 10, 2010, MARK worked with Chris in the same group

    Mark was a well regarded colleague at The Software Partnership. He was enthusiastic and quickly appreciated the concepts and techniques behind both Tandem NonStop system design and dealing with mission-critical financial processes. As such, he became a trusted source of information to his colleagues and customers alike. 
  • Mark Whitfield Dan James

    Dan James

    Experienced Professional Services Manager/Presales Consultant

    July 29, 2010, Dan worked with MARK but at different companies

    Mark is a keen, conscientious and knowledgeable individual. Our paths have crossed on numerous occasions over the past decade and he is always keen to broaden his own experience so that he can provide greater support to his customers. He can always be relied upon to deliver a quality service.
  • Mark Whitfield Greg Turner

    Greg Turner

    European Technical Leader, HCL Commerce

    July 28, 2010, MARK worked with Greg in the same group

    I worked with Mark for a number of years and found him to be a very competent and technically focused individual. A true technical professional.
  • Mark Whitfield Michael Pilkington

    Michael Pilkington

    Planning and Review Manager at Electricity North West Limited

    July 22, 2010, Michael and MARK were students together

    As students at the time I found Mark had a high work ethic. Coupled with his natural abilities in his areas of study this resulted in very high quality work. His skills supported not only his own work but he was also very supportive to others around him. His IT and general skills helped me on numerous occasions (including general support) at times when he had much of his own work to complete. I would recommend Mark on the basis of his ability to manage his own demands and deliver high quality work while always making time to support others. 
  • Mark Whitfield Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Chief Analyst Programmer at ANZ

    July 22, 2010, Brian worked with MARK in different groups

    During the time I worked closely with Mark I found him to be a reliable, self motivated colleague who would work conscientiously to complete all tasks in a timely manner without the need of supervision.
  • Mark Whitfield Stephen Gorf

    Stephen Gorf

    Head of Security at CHAPS Clearing Company Ltd

    July 21, 2010, Stephen worked with MARK in different groups

    Working with Mark I have always found him to be thoroughly professional in his approach and a very competent technician.
  • Mark Whitfield Bernadette Thorley

    Bernadette Thorley

    Production Manager – Aylesworth Fleming

    July 16, 2010, Bernadette and MARK were students together

    With his finger on the pulse of all that’s happening in IT, Mark has always been at the forefront of any new developments within the industry. Professional at all times Mark is organised and thorough in all that he does. This extends to his interests outside of work, for example, his photographic recording of the building development of Media City in Manchester. On a personal level, Mark is great fun to be around with a sharp whit and a great conversationalist. 
  • Mark Whitfield Anton Godfrey

    Anton Godfrey

    Senior Product Manager at Renovite Technologies Inc

    April 20, 2010, Anton was a client of MARK’S

    I worked with Mark as part of the implementation of the ITL RTLX Reactor NonStop product at HSBC for ATM and POS transaction monitoring. From day one, Mark demonstrated a deep understanding of the heavily customised HSBC system and applied this to design a solution that satisfied our requirements. Marks extensive knowledge and experience of BASE24, HP Nonstop and Insiders own products was key to delivering a solution to our business. Highly recommended. 
  • Mark Whitfield Martin Hart

    Martin Hart

    Support Analyst at Isban UK for Santander

    March 2, 2010, Martin was a client of MARK’S

    I worked with Mark on helping to fine-tune the design of Insider Technologies’ RTLX product for our company. I was impressed about how efficiently he used my time (in terms of asking precise, relevant questions, and interpreting my replies accurately). I enjoyed working on this project in no small part because of Mark’s obvious enthusiasm and vision for the product. 
  • Mark Whitfield Dave Oddie

    Dave Oddie

    Senior Client Services Delivery Specialist at Fidelity National Information Services

    February 24, 2010, Dave was senior to MARK but didn’t manage directly

    Marked worked with the sp/Architect product helping deliver solutions based on it to the companies financial sector clients such as RaboBank and Barclays. Mark was an accomplished NonStop technician and programmer for the Software Partnership who was also able to work well in a customer facing role when on-site.
  • Mark Whitfield Brian Bradburn

    Brian Bradburn

    VP of Operations at Silvaco Inc

    February 23, 2010, Brian worked with MARK in different groups

    While working at ITL I found Mark to be an excellent manager for the Reflex family of products and I have always found him to be very professional at his job. Mark continues to excel in his work and has progressed his career in the company and I am happy to consider him a great friend. Mark would be a perfect fit for any development position or managerial position in any company. 
  • Mark Whitfield Malcolm Cowen

    Malcolm Cowen

    Scriptwriter at levenshulme Players

    February 22, 2010, Malcolm was senior to MARK but didn’t manage directly

    I worked with Mark on a major Tandem Nonstop system for Rabobank, Utrecht. I was the system designer at The Software Partnership for the sp/Architect electronic banking system, and responsible for advising and supporting the programming team. The project was Mark’s first introduction to Tandem Nonstop, and I was impressed by Mark’s commitment to good practice, by his willingness and ability to learn and apply new techniques and by the good interpersonal skills he demonstrated. His work was a valuable contribution to the success of the project. 
  • Mark Whitfield Andy Atkins

    Andy Atkins

    Senior Information Security Analyst at Euroclear

    February 22, 2010, MARK worked with Andy in the same group

    I worked with Mark on a number of high profile client projects in which he provided excellent technical support. Mark demonstrated a real capacity for understanding client needs and developing effective solutions often against aggressive time scales. Mark has a proven track record for delivery and would be a valuable addition to any organisation. 
  • Mark Whitfield Andy Roe

    Andy Roe

    Recently retired from FIS

    January 25, 2010, Andy managed MARK directly

    Mark was a diligent analyst whilst working for me, with a good grasp of the business issues we were addressing. Mark’s hard work, often on-site, contributed to the many successful projects we undertook for some challenging customers
  • Mark Whitfield Mike Earnshaw

    Mike Earnshaw

    Owner, Hermes IT Ltd

    January 24, 2010, MARK worked with Mike in the same group

    Mark’s profession caring attitude towards his is reflected the quality he produces. His infectious character affects those who with and for him
  • Mark Whitfield Derek Radcliffe

    Derek Radcliffe

    Director (owner) at Britnett-NW Ltd

    January 22, 2010, Derek worked with MARK in different groups

    During my time at Insider Technologies as Sales Director, Mark provided unparalleled technical support for the HP NonStop product set for all my sales efforts. It was quite clear his passion for the NonStop products was mateched by his want to help me secure sales both in the UK and abroad. Whether it be PowerPoints, in-house or on-site technical demos appropriate product literature and especially his ability to produce a proposal in good time to create a sales opportunity. It comes as no surprise that Mark is Manager of Strategic Technical Initiatives at Insider Technologies. His energy and productive approach to his work was always on show and a lesson to other budding managers . 
  • Mark Whitfield Pete Morrell

    Pete Morrell

    Open to opportunities | Test Manager | Test Lead | Systems Engineer

    January 18, 2010, Pete was senior to MARK but didn’t manage directly

    Mark was (and I assume, still is!) a technician with an excellent grasp of both detail and the wider picture. Conscientious, and a good sense of humour made him a pleasure to work with
  • Mark Whitfield Karl Todd

    Karl Todd

    Project Manager at Dominion Software

    January 13, 2010, Karl reported directly to MARK

    I worked with Mark for several years at Insider Technologies on various projects. Mark was initially my manager at Insider where he provided technical details and specifications to be implemented by myself on various NonStop development projects. Mark has good leadership skills and is also a good team member. He is professional and approachable. When problems arose, he listened to the developers and amended plans to find alternative solutions. 
  • Mark Whitfield Mike Hoare

    Mike Hoare

    Owner, Kempoller Software

    January 13, 2010, Mike worked with MARK but at different companies

    I’ve worked with Mark for over 10 years and always found him very professional and helpful. His attention to detail has always been outstanding.
  • Mark Whitfield Khalid Khan

    Khalid Khan

    Actively seeking a contract role – I may be contacted on 0777-3153935 or e-mail

    January 12, 2010, MARK worked with Khalid in the same group

    Mark is a diligent and methodical person upon whom you can rely on to produce reliable and accurate work. I had the pleasure of working with Mark at Insider Technologies and found his approach was at all times professional, customer-focused and pragmatic, and he played a key role in ensuring projects were delivered appropriately so that significant programme milestones would always be met. His Knowledge and understanding of Tandem systems was very impressive and his attention to detail and professionalism was second to none. Without any doubt he has been one of the best customer oriented professional I have worked with. I strongly recommend him to any potential employers. 
  • Mark Whitfield Lisa Chan Brown

    Lisa Chan Brown

    Senior Software Engineer at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

    April 2, 2008, MARK worked with Lisa Chan in the same group

    Mark has an excellent combination of skills. He has a wide range of technical capabilities, an awareness of commercial issues, and works very well with customers.
  • Mark Whitfield Colin Baxter

    Colin Baxter

    Analyst Programmer at Westpac New Zealand Ltd

    February 8, 2008, Colin worked with MARK in different groups

    I found Mark to be a dedicated and resourceful person who was always willing and able to help out. His contribution at ITL has been a key to their success.
  • Mark Whitfield David Chance

    David Chance

    VP, Payments Strategy & Innovation at Fiserv, helping Financial Institutions innovative to drive customer excellence

    February 8, 2008, David managed MARK directly

    I worked with Mark during his early days in IT and he showed at that stage an understand of the development role and a clarity of thought. We worked within a challenging area of the company – providing both frontline customer support and background defect resolution, and Mark proved that he was always calm under crisis, diligent in hitting the deadlines and a great member of the team. These foundations appear to have served him well during his later career 
  • Mark Whitfield Greg Mathews

    Greg Mathews

    Application Architect at RNLI – Permanent

    February 7, 2008, MARK worked with Greg in the same group

    I worked with Mark developing electronic banking services for Barclays, where Mark was a solid contributor in the design, programming and testing of Barclays BusinessMaster II and other electronic banking systems. Out of all the team, he was always the most calm under crisis, diligent in hitting the deadlines and a great member of the team. 
  • Mark Whitfield John Littlewood

    John Littlewood

    Head Of Application Development at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    February 7, 2008, MARK worked with John in the same group

    During our time at the Software Partnership Mark proved himself to be an extremely competent software engineer who took great care and pride in his work.
  • Mark Whitfield Ian Slack

    Ian Slack

    consultant developer at 2020 mobile group

    January 25, 2008, Ian worked with MARK in different groups

    Concise Business and Technical All-Rounder
  • Mark Whitfield David Cainer

    David Cainer

    Document Proof Reader and Reviewer

    January 15, 2008, David was senior to MARK but didn’t manage directly

    Mark worked on developing the system for a highly innovative financial network. He was always professional and enthusiastic, inspiring enthusiasm among his colleagues.


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