Buy Project Tracking Templates including Plan on a Page, RAID log (risk, action, issue, dependency log) and Detailed Excel and Microsoft Project Plan

Best Project Management Templates Whitfield Mark POaP Plan On a Page image

Purchase Project Tracking Templates / Artifacts including Plan & RAID log Templates

Link to the download ZIP file package (29 project artifacts in total) sent immediately by email when PayPal payment processed. Pack includes:

a) PowerPoint SDLC Plan On a Page template (over 15 examples)
b) Detailed SDLC Microsoft Project Plan MPP template plus three further Project Plan MPP templates (both adaptable for Waterfall and Agile Scrum projects). A PRINCE2 Version 2017 MS Project plan MPP template file is provided.
c) Detailed SDLC Excel Project Plan and Charts template and Overview Excel Plan on a Page (POaP) template
d) Comprehensive RAIDs log and Charts (Risk, Action, Issue, Opportunity, Dependency, Lessons Learned, Supplier costs, Expense costs, Annual Leave and Change Request tabs). Also included is a basic RAIDs tracker for simple projects and bids
e) Project Financial Tracker with Charts, for internal and external forecast/ actual costs including margin, variance and expenses. A simpler template is also included to share external costs with the client
f) Walk through Word format document for each of the above templates
g) A weekly / monthly project status report template (one in WORD and two in PowerPoint) to tailor as appropriate
h) Project Organisation chart/hierarchy template of project resources to tailor as appropriate
i) Project Meeting Minutes Word template to be tailored as required
j) RACI template for Roles and Responsibilities on the project (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) to be tailored as required
k) Stakeholder Analysis Plan template (Involve, Inform, Consult, Inform / Monitor) – Stakeholder Influence versus Impact
l) Benefits Realisation Plan template to be tailored as required
m) Agile Story Dependency Tracking template for when agile stories have hard dependencies with client/customer stakeholders/suppliers which then cause project delays and change requests

Best Project Management Templates Artifacts including Plan & RAID Risk Issue log Templates

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