Real-Time Log Extraction – RTLX

Assigned to a Product Team to provide System Analysis, Design and Microsoft Reporting Services development to a new module for the ITL Sentra product. This product deploys lean extraction programs to the HP NonStop platform for the relay of BASE24™ (P)TLF record details to a nominated Windows Server with Microsoft SQL installed. Details relate to both ATM and POS transactions UK-wide (or Globally). The screen shot below shows a resulting browser-based graphical view of ATM/POS related alerts raised against the incoming ATM/POS data from the NSK platform.


Once the (P)TLF data is contained in the Sentra Relational Database, SQL Stored Procedures can be put together to feed Self-Refreshing Sentra DashBoards. The DashBoards below relate to ATM (TLF) data and show Transactions Per Second and Approval, Denial and Time-Out rates.


Users can also construct complex queries against the stored (P)TLF data using the same Browser views. These offer a considerable advantage over the BASE24™ green screens which only provide limited querying on a handful of columns against the NSK based, Entry-Sequenced ENSCRIBE files.


Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, users can also generate ATM/POS Management Reports against the stored (P)TLF data. These Reporting Services enable users to construct charts to any granular level. Example reports are transactions per second, transactions per retailer or financial institution, Interchange response times and so on.






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