Capgemini, Engagement Manager – eLearning and Group Training

Level 1 Certification

eLearning and Group Training

# Course Title Description Time Cert.
  Group Mandatory Learning – All EMs      
1 Code and Business Ethics This course describes the ethical code of conduct followed by Capgemini to perform its business. The Code of Business Ethics explains and formalizes the Group’s values and establishes actions and forms of behaviour, which may be required in certain business situations. We also want to make our employees aware that Capgemini has a good reputation and counts on its employees to contribute to maintain it. 25 mins Yes
2 Understanding IPR This course presents the main concepts of intellectual property rights (IPR) (trademarks, copyright, and patents), provides with guidelines on how to deal with them in the work place and creates awareness on the risks of infringement. 15 mins Yes
3 Group Anti-Corruption This course has been designed to bring awareness of the Anti-corruption Group Policy and more specifically of the legal context, the scope and the sanctions. This course helps in the understanding of the expected behaviour when working with Capgemini, and that strict compliance to the policy is critical for the Group and our clients. 45 mins Yes
4 Group Competition Laws At the end of this module you will have gained the basic knowledge a Capgemini employee is expected to have about the Group Competition Laws policy. 60 mins Yes
5 Cybersecurity Essentials –


Module 1: Internet, email and social media

In this module you will learn about safe practices relating to the use of IT equipment, email, Internet and Social Media. This is module 1 out of 5 for the Understanding cybersecurity essentials course. 12 mins Yes
6 Cybersecurity Essentials –


Module 2: Cyber-risks and threats

In this module you will learn about Social Engineering and how to identify phishing scams, fake websites and malware. This is module 2 out of 5 for the Understanding cybersecurity essentials course. 12 mins Yes
7 Cybersecurity Essentials –


Module 3: Working Securely Everywhere

In this module you will learn how to keep computers, devices, and information secure both inside and outside the office, and when working remotely. This is the module 3 out of 5 of the Understanding cybersecurity essentials course. 12 mins Yes
8 Cybersecurity Essentials –


Module 4: Data classification and security

In this module you will learn why classifying data and protecting our company and our clients’ information is important, and how to keep sensitive and restricted information secure. This is the module 4 out of 5 of the Understanding cybersecurity essentials course. 10 mins Yes
9 Cybersecurity Essentials –


Module 5: Reporting Security Incidents

In this module you will learn how to recognize a range of security concerns and how to report them. This is the module 5 out of 5 of the Understanding cybersecurity essentials course. 6 mins Yes
10 Understanding Privacy Data Protection is a high-stake global topic getting more and more regulated. This course will help you understand the basics of Data Protection and what it means for Capgemini, in particular vis-à-vis the game-changer General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR. This course is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. 45 mins Yes
  Foundation Level      
11 My Passport to EM This module provides a first detailed insight into Engagement Management. It will help explain the roles and responsibilities of an EM, and also cover the various methods and tools needed to be successful in the role. 80 mins Yes
12 Transition Webinar – Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 Method Overview Replay This course provides overview of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1. This is a recording of the live session held in April 2018. 60 mins Yes
13 LEAD – UGTM and Portfolio Learning Program The Unified-Go-To-Market (UGTM) & Portfolio Learning Program is created to get our Sales and Account Managers up to speed on Client Sectors, (S)BUs, GBLs, Group Offerings, Application Practices and Market Focus areas post the implementation of LEAD. 80 mins Yes
14 UPM Module 1 – Overview This module covers the basics of UPM in this module. After completing this module, the learner will be able to navigate the UPM method in DELIVER; define the various UPM elements, including Streams and Events, Activities and Tasks, Deliverables and Artefacts; and also discuss the different roles within UPM. 30 mins Yes
15 USM Module 1 – Overview This module discusses how to navigate the USM method in DELIVER™, defines the various USM elements, including Streams and Events, Activities and Tasks, Deliverables and Artefacts, and identifies the different roles within USM. 45 mins Yes
16 LEAD – What is Portfolio & Competitiveness – Video 1 Done 2 mins n/a
17 LEAD – What is Portfolio & Competitiveness – Video 2 Done 2 mins n/a
18 LEAD – What is Portfolio & Competitiveness – Video 3 Done 2 mins n/a
19 What is Unique (Introduction to UniQue)? The course introduces Capgemini’s first integrated Group Quality Management System (UniQuE – Unified Quality Management for Excellence) & provides a tour of UniQuE portal. The course highlights different sections of the portal. 5 mins Yes
20 Bluebook The Blue Book contains the Group Fundamentals, Guidelines and Policies.


In our largely decentralized and entrepreneurial organization, it is critical to have a set of common guidelines and procedures which govern our fundamental operation as a Group.  The Group “Blue Book”, originally created in 1989 as a managers’ rulebook – which was blue in colour! – it provides a common framework for every employee to work effectively as one Group.

The Blue Book tells you everything you need to know about the Group’s objectives, ethics and values, governance and organization structures, as well as key principles and processes in the areas of Sales, Risk Management, Pricing & Contracting, Legal, Delivery and support processes such as Finance, HR, IT and many more.

n/a n/a
21 Lean Foundation This module will help you get an understanding of how LEAN has been implemented in Capgemini. 30 mins Yes
22 CCNG – Contract Clauses Negotiating Guide This course is intended to assist you in your negotiations of commercial contracts. By understanding Capgemini’s favoured position on contractual clauses, you can play a critical role in convincing clients and partners to accept sound contract terms. 60 mins Yes
23 Introduction to CCM – Commercial and Contract Management Scribe This is an introduction to Commercial Management. 10 mins Yes
24 CAF Foundation This course will give you an overview of the Capgemini Agile Framework and how it can benefit you and your clients. 30 mins Yes
25 Unified Go To Market – Part 1 In this video you will learn what Unified Go To Market is. 2 mins Yes
26 Unified Go To Market – Part 2 In this video you will learn where are we today on Unified Go To Market. 2 mins Yes
27 Unified Go To Market – Part 3 In this video you will learn the main objectives of Unified Go To Market. 2 mins Yes
28 Portfolio Agility and Competitiveness 1 In this video Thierry shares his priorities for the upcoming months. 2 mins Yes
29 Portfolio Agility and Competitiveness 2 In this video you learn the objectives of Portfolio Agility. 2 mins Yes
30 Portfolio Agility and Competitiveness 3 In this video you will learn the key benefits of Portfolio Agility for the Group. 2 mins Yes
31 Portfolio Agility and Competitiveness 4 In this video Thierry shares the next steps for enacting Portfolio Agility. 2 mins Yes
  Level 1 Certification Requirements      
32 Commercial Management 101 This is a web based learning on Fundamentals of Commercial Management. 90 mins Yes
33 UPM Module 2 In Module 2, the learner will be able to identify the UPM Streams, gain an understanding of the importance of the Start-Up Phase, and identify the Activities, Tasks and key Artefacts initiated during the Start-Up Phase. 60 mins Yes
34 UPM Module 3 After completing Module 3 of the UPM course, the learner will be able to apply the monitoring and control work required in the Execution Phase to aid project success, use different UPM Events within the Execution Phase to manage a project on a daily basis and also describe when the Execution Phase completes. 60 mins Yes
35 UPM Module 4 In Module 4, the learner will be able to describe when the Close-Down Phase begins and ends, explain the importance of the Close-Down Phase and define the key Activities and Artefacts produced during the Close-Down Phase. 30 mins Yes
36 RapidStart Foundations What is RapidStart? Are you just about to go through a RapidStart and want to find out more? This short interactive course will give you all the insights you need to know before being involved in a RapidStart. In it you will learn what the process is; your role in the process; why RapidStart exists and the benefits to an Engagement as well as to the Group. You will also learn what it takes to make a RapidStart successful and how you can avoid common issues which hinder the process. You will finish the course with an understanding of the importance of each step of the process and all the different roles involved in the end to end RapidStart process. This course is aimed at anyone who is going to be involved in a RapidStart. 45 mins Yes
37 USM Module 2 This module discusses the importance of the Transition Handover-In phase, defines the activities and tasks executed and the Artefacts produced during this phase and explains the importance of each stream’s contribution to this phase. 60 mins Yes
38 USM Module 3 In this module, we will explore the Service Run Phase by navigating through various Events, Activities and Tasks. 60 mins Yes
39 USM Module 4 In this module, we will explain the activities executed in the “Transition Handover-Out”-phase. 60 mins Yes
40 e-3D Overview – e-3D stands for Capgemini Digitized Distributed Delivery Solution Coming Soon. It is a Capgemini solution to improve Collaboration and Control in our engagements. It brings one common suite of tools, for all Capgemini engagements, giving consistency in our processes and practices. n/a n/a
41 Estimation and Measurement Overview This course provides an overview of estimation and measurement key concepts focusing mainly on custom software development but also covering other project types supported by GREATTM , the Group estimation tool. 45 mins Yes
42 Transition Detail Module 1 Finance And Contracts Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Finance And Contracts stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1

6 mins Yes
43 Transition Detail Module 2 Work In Progress Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Work In Progress stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1

5 mins Yes
44 Transition Detail Module 3 Organizational Change Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method
This course provides overview of the Finance And Contracts stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1
4 mins Yes
45 Transition Detail Module 4 Knowledge Exchange Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Knowledge Exchange stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1.

5 mins Yes
46 Transition Detail Module 5 Technology And Infrastructure Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Technology And Infrastructure stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1.

4 mins Yes
47 Transition Detail Module 6 Service Engagement Initiation Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Service Engagement Initiation stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1.

4 mins Yes
48 Transition Detail Module 7 Information Security And Compliance Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Information Security And Compliance stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1

5 mins Yes
49 Transition Detail Module 8 Service Engagement Staff Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Service Engagement Staff stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1.

5 mins Yes
50 Transition Detail Module 9 Service Delivery Processes Stream Overview – Global Transition – 4.1 method


This course provides overview of the Service Delivery Processes stream of the new Global Transition method Version 4.1.

6 mins Yes
  Local UK BU Training (face-2-face)      
51 EM Training / UK BU EM refresher The requirements on projects, EM’s and PMO is continually evolving and the course provides a refresher on the UK standards for managing projects. It is a high level update on the current role requirements, measures, methods and tools. The course will cover new and upcoming initiatives. Refresher training must be completed every three years which is also a requirement for EM Certification.
Objectives: To give existing EM’s and PMO’s an up to date view of the current expectations of the EM role in the UK including your responsibilities and measures To learn about the recent changes to methods and tools and what this means to the EM and PMO To ensure that EM’s understand the support and training available to them and where to go to find it To be aware of new initiatives Target Audience : UK EM’s and PMO’s who have not attended standard UK EM training for over 2 years. New EM/PMO Joiners after 9-12 months to consolidate their learning.
Pre-Requisites: All participants need to have attended the following: – UK EM The Capgemini Way or UK EM Refresher
1 Day Yes



52 Commercial Training / Commercial Management (101) Fundamentals A ½ day action based outcome classroom based education, run at several Capgemini locations. Covering pre and post contract ‘commercial management need Client Managing Relief and Change Managing Acceptance Managing Commercial Risk Be aware of limits of your commercial authority and have awareness of the policies and procedures – Do’s & Don’ts Be aware of how your actions impact the business Have a good understanding of how we make money and how we lose money Be aware of commercial tools and know who / where to go for help. 0.5 Days Yes
53 Commercial Training / Contract Schedules Masterclass This masterclass covers good and bad examples of Schedules / Work Orders / Statements of Works (SoWs) writing, hints and tips, interactive sessions and a variety of brief exercises to demonstrate some of the pit falls. This masterclass is relevant to anyone who writes or reviews Schedules / Work orders / Statements of Works (SoWs). Overview of masterclass structure: – Understanding the potential consequences of badly written contract Schedules / Work orders / Statements of Works (SoWs) – Understanding what Capgemini standard contract Schedules are available – An overview of each Schedule – Recognising poor wording in Schedules / Work orders / Statements of Works (SoWs) by a series of short exercises based on real life examples – A review of the tools and templates available for writing and reviewing Schedules / Work Orders / Statements of Works (SoWs). 1 Day Yes
54 Commercial Training / Commercial Boosters ½ Day Course This course covers: Schedules and SOW Writing: A contract is a legally binding document that defines each party’s obligations. If we are not clear, then each party will have different interpretations and expectations and a poor basis for managing change. This session will provide guidance and help prevent downside situations such as: – Disagreements and disputes, – Lost revenue, reputation & business. Deliverables & Acceptance: These two fundamental areas are one of the most difficult areas of a contract to get right. This session will tell you more about: – making it clear what the client is buying – eradicate / reduce misinterpretation – what to include and what to avoid – Importance of a good Acceptance procedure / criteria, and how this links to getting paid – the do’s and don’ts to avoid costly and time-consuming disagreements & disputes. 0.5 Days Yes
55 Financial Training / UK BU Project Financial Management The course will look at how to review, analyse and report on a projects finances from the Engagement Managers perspective. Based upon typical events occurring in a project it will give an understanding of the impact these may have on the project finances. It will show how to review and analyse the IV, standard reports from the financial systems and EFFECT to check a projects financial status. It will teach completion of the Engagement M Review Report to explain variances and give a balanced view of the delivery and financial status of the project. A case study will be followed to demonstrate the end to end process. Objectives: To enable attendees to understand the Monthly financial reporting process To learn how to interpret the financial information To learn the process of month end and the requirements on all parties at each stage Target Audience: This course is for UK EM’s who are responsible for month end and PMO’s. This course is not suitable for HMRC EM’s or PMO’s. Pre-requisites: All participants need to have attended the following: – UK EM The Capgemini Way. 1 Day Yes
56 e-Monitoring (Monitoring and reporting tower) e-Monitoring (Monitoring and reporting tower). What is e-Monitoring for Engagement Managers? 4 mins Yes
57 e-Collaborative (Collaborative SharePoint platform) e-Collaborative (Collaborative SharePoint platform). What is e-Collaborative and what are the advantages of e-collaborative in the workplace? 3 mins Yes
58 e-KPI (Building and following our major KPIs) e-KPI (Building and following our major KPIs). 5 mins Yes
59 e-VVM (Efficient lean visual and task management) e-VVM (Efficient lean visual and task management). A virtual visual management tool to connect distributed teams, simplifying their task management in an Agile way with an all-in-one platform. As an Agile tool with all standard Agile features modeled (Scrum Board, User Stories and tasks, Backlog management, Sprint management and retrospective, calendar and team capacity, burn-down and velocity charts. 5 mins Yes
60 e-SkillsMatrix (Building and following team skills) e-SkillsMatrix (Building and following team skills). 5 mins Yes
61 e-MMX (Measuring and improving our maturity) e-MMX (Measuring and improving our maturity). It stands for Maturity Matrix. A general purpose assessment tool to digitally track transformation activities and drive them to the next level (Lean, Agile, UPM/USM, PMF, etc.) through predefined maturity steps. Also to digitally track compliance and risks assessments processes (GDPR, CYSIP, Safety Critical, etc.) 5 mins Yes

Other Courses:

# Course Title Description Time Cert.
1 Digital EM With the introduction of Digital, the delivery environment is undergoing great changes, posing several challenges for Engagement Managers (EMs). In order to help the Capgemini EM community and yourself to overcome those challenges, Our University has launched and will continue to support the course “Digital EM”. 30 mins Yes
2 My Passport to Finance This course is created to provide you with the basic knowledge on financial policies that are used in the Group. It will help you to build awareness and understanding of the key definitions and rules used for measuring the Group performance. 60 mins Yes
3 Improving Contribution Margins for Our Engagements This course highlights the importance of Contribution Margin and provides measures to improve it. 15 mins Yes
4 Global Security Do’s and Dont’s This course is designed to raise awareness of Information Security throughout the Capgemini workforce. You will learn the importance of Capgemini’s information security system and its guidelines. 35 mins Yes
5 Project Inception for Digital Engagements “You get out what you put in” – The Inception phase aligns the understanding of the customer, you, your delivery team and other suppliers. 30 mins Yes
6 Delivery Methods and Tools – Agile Basics Agile is currently the most popular delivery method in IT. If implemented correctly, it provides customer with total control over the scope, early realization of the benefits and minimizes efforts that usually go to waste. In this module you will dig deeper into the types of tools and methods used by Digital Engagement Managers at Capgemini to deliver excellence. On completion of this modules you will understand the Agile Methodology as well as the features of the Agile Process, recognize the importance of the Agile principles and mindset, and have an understanding of the basic Agile framework. 25 mins Yes
7 Delivery Methods and Tools – Scaling Up In this module, we will continue to dig deeper into the type of tools and methods used by Digital Engagements Managers at Capgemini to Deliver excellence. Upon completing the five modules (Introduction, Delivery Tools and Methods, Team RACI, Development and Governance Tools and Summary) the learner will acknowledge that Agile is like a medicine, for this to be effective, you need to understand the DNA of your engagement to adjust the dosage. Within this module you will understand how large engagements may have multiple delivery methods and approaches, how to adjust your organization, roles and responsibilities when scaling up, and how the existing environment may impact your tooling choices. 45 mins Yes
8 Early Benefit Realization for Digital Engagements
This module highlights the value of measuring benefits early and provides guidance on how to measure the benefits throughout an initiative.
30 mins Yes
9 Program Governance for Digital Engagements

This module will help you understand Governance techniques and how to tailor these techniques depending on the DNA of a digital engagement.

25 mins Yes
10 Digital Platforms – A Case Study

A real life case study from digital delivery at a client highlighting the successes and issues faced by both EMs and Architects.

30 mins Yes
11 Digital EM – Sales – Innovative Selling

From the EM viewpoint – learn how to stay competitive in an innovative market through different approaches to selling digital engagements.

15 mins Yes
12 Digital EM – Sales – Selling Digital Engagements

What is a Digital Engagement? How do Digital Engagements differ from other Engagements? What tools do I need for selling Digital Engagements? If you are asking yourself these questions or are just curious about “Digital”, this module is a must for you. Look at AIE (Applied Innovation Exchange) and DCX (Digital Customer Experience).

50 mins n/a
13 Building Digital Teams
In this module in podcast format the learner will explore the Why, What and How to build a successful high performing team.
30 mins Yes
14 Leading Digital Teams
In this module, the sequel to Building Digital Teams, you will explore the skills necessary to successfully lead teams during Digital Engagement.
30 mins Yes
15 Leading Cultural Change
“In a disrupted world, traditional IT engagements are progressively replaced by Digital projects. Capgemini is a leader on the IT Market, our customers expect us to lead the way, and rely on us to set excellence standards and show the way to Digital success. How can we transform our teams, organisation and delivery methods so that we are successful in such a Digital world ? It requires a cultural change, and Engagement Managers have a leadership role to play in this journey. This module will show you how your team needs to change to fulfill a Digital engagement.”
30 mins Yes
16 Team Dynamics in a Digital World
In order to be successful in delivering Digital Engagements we need to change/organize ourselves and our teams so we can help our clients transform/change.
30 mins Yes
17 Being Human in a Digital World
In a “digital world” it is important to keep up with digital approaches and advancements but it is also equally important to not lose the human touch in the process. In this module, you will be provided with a quick refresher on how to engage yourself digitally while still being “human in a digital world”.
20 mins Yes
18 Contracting Digital Engagements
What is really different about contracting Digital engagements? In this module the learner will explore how to contract Digital Engagement and the differences in contracts from traditional to Digital engagements.
30 mins Yes
19 Commercial Management: Different Types of Contracts What is in a contract? For Digital Engagements, everything. In this module, different types of contracts will be explored as well as how to interpret contracts, draft contracts, and change contracts for Digital Engagements. 30 mins Yes
20 Commercial Management for Business Based Outcomes
In a Digital World our customers are no longer wanting or needing traditional business modules. In this e-learning module you will explore how Capgemini uses Commercial deal shaping to differentiate itself. Once completing the five short parts of this module (Introduction, Pricing Approach, Commercial Specifics, Case Studies, Summary) you will be aware of current Commercial deals, factors that influence the creation of the right deal, new Commercial solutions and new pricing approaches. It is important to remember that every situation and every customer are slightly different from one another this module will equip you with the knowledge to handle these difficult situations.
30 mins Yes
21 Agile Stakeholder Engagement and Team Development Study Agile teams and team leadership, including the characteristics of an effective Agile team. This course also covers team development strategies, developmental mastery models, effective communication tools, and facilitation techniques. 45 mins Yes
22 Apps UK Physical Security This is module 5 of Apps UK Security. 30 mins Yes
23 IT Infrastructure Security This is module 4 of Apps UK Security. 30 mins Yes
24 Security Compliance This is part of the mandatory series of security awareness modules being released for APPS UK and covers the topic of Security Compliance. 20 mins Yes
25 Apps UK Secure Information Handling This is the course for Apps UK Secure Information Handling. 30 mins Yes
26 Apps UK Information Security Introduction This is the course for Apps UK Information Security Introduction – Module 1. 30 mins Yes
27 Quality Policy – Introduction Policy
This e-learning will provide you an overview of Capgemini’s Quality Policy and what our role is as Capgemini employees to contribute to the overall quality objectives.
10 mins Yes
28 What is GDPR and Why is it Important to Us at Capgemini?
This virtual session, presented by Graham Hunt, Insights & Data Director, explains what the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entails and why it is important to you as a Capgemini consultant. Graham also introduces Capgemini’s portfolio of solutions addressing the needs of our clients to be GDPR-ready.
45 mins Yes
29 EM Certification Exam – Level 2 This Level 2 exam for Engagement Management certification forms a key part of the certification process. 60 mins Yes
30 Introduction to DevOps A series of 5 videos from our business leaders introducing you to the world of Dev Ops and the impact that it will have on the way we go about business in the future. 30 mins Yes
31 UK BU’s Summarised Security Training This is UK BU’s annual security refresher training module. Only those UK BU employees that have gone through the 5 mandatory security trainings are eligible to take this training. 75 mins Yes
32 Introduction to Commercial and Contract Management
This module is going to help you get comfortable with the concepts associated with a typical deal during its entire life cycle.
60 mins Yes
33 The Roles and Responsibilities of an EM The Roles and Responsibilities of an EM 45 mins 100% done
34 Setting up Your Engagement Setting up Your Engagement 60 mins 100% done
35 Charters and RACI
In this course you will learn what charters are and share a few examples of how to use charters in client projects. You will also be able to describe the various elements of RACI matrix and how we apply this in projects and client engagements.
20 mins Yes
36 High Performing Teams
In this course you will learn about the different stages of high performing teams, identify the different complimentary skills and describe the intercultural aspects.
20 mins Yes
37 A Day in the Life of an Engagement Manager A Day in the Life of an Engagement Manager 60 mins 100% done
38 Understanding your Contract Understanding Your Contract 20 mins Yes
39 Shaping the Deal Shaping the Deal 10 mins Yes
40 Removing Ambiguity in our Schedules, Statements of Work and Word Orders
This module will guide you on how to write/contribute/review contract schedules and work orders in the statement of work (SoW) to ensure that we draft an effective contract that’s beneficial to both Capgemini and its clients.
60 mins Yes
41 Managing Contract Change
Change is inherent part of nature and this also applies to contracts. One cannot underestimate the importance of keeping a contract up-to-date to ensure it reflects our current relation with the client. In this module, we discuss about potential contract-change management and revenue-margin improvement through proper processes.
25 mins Yes
42 Deliverables and Acceptance
This module will help you maximize the ability of Sales, Engagement Management (EM) and Commercial & Contract Management (CCM) teams to draft better statement of work (SoW) in terms of deliverables and acceptance.
25 mins Yes
43 Benchmark Training In this module, you will learn about the different types of benchmarking clauses, the process we follow while benchmarking our services and rates, our internal team structure and key stakeholders, how to navigate and protect the client relationship while working with an independent benchmarker, and how to interpret and implement a benchmark report. 25 mins Yes
44 Flying High with DVI – An Introduction and Overview eLearning – EM Fundamentals Virtual Course – Show Me the Money 60 mins Not given
45 The Importance of Delivery Led Sales Video – EM Fundamentals Virtual Course – Growing Your Engagement 5 mins Not given
46 EM Role in Agile Objective of this module is to help you understand how UPM works with Agile. Besides, it gives insights on how to communicate with Product Owners and the Scrum Masters. In case, you want to know about the five levers that influence an agile team, or our client’s agile journey and other details. 10 mins Not given
47 Managing Agile with UPM Video – EM Fundamentals Virtual Course – Agile Engagements 5 mins Not given
48 Pinnacle Corporate Limited Resilience : Peak Performance : Richard Reid
This session is to help with defining Peak Performance, and is delivered by Pinnacle, it will cover: 1. Understanding how the brain works and learning the difference between Reacting v Responding 2. Building greater self-awareness: the roles of Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in establishing a platform for Peak Performance 3. Developing practical skills and strategies for managing our own physiology, decision-making and behaviour: including Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, NLP and Visualisation techniques 4. Creating a more safe & supportive environment: How to generate interactions which help ourselves and others to thrive 5. Maintaining Peak Performance; identifying personal support networks, daily routines and the values, passions & purpose which energise our performance 6. Reviewing lifestyle choices: How what we eat and drink affects our performance 7. Next Steps: Building a personalised Action Plan to hone and embed new skills The format of the session is a combination of interactive lecture, videos, facilitated discussion and practical exercises geared towards greater reflection and integration of the learning. The overriding aim is to equip attendees with a personal action plan and skills to better manage their own stress levels, as well as insights for potential improvements that could be implemented on a broader organisational level.
1 Day Yes
49 This is the training for UK Sustainability Environmental Awareness This is the training for UK Sustainability Environmental Awareness 60 mins Yes
50 Capgemini Cloud Platform (CCP)
The objective of this webinar is to provide Q1, 2020 updates on Capgemini Cloud Platform (CCP). Capgemini Cloud Platform comes under ‘Monitor’ focus of our group priority offer in Cloud portfolio, CCP brings together the right technology, processes and culture to help organizations of every size leverage the efficiency and agility of cloud. Find our more by tuning into the webinar.
60 mins Yes
51 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals This course provides learners with a broad overview of Dynamics 365 applications (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc.) – introducing each of the applications, their business value and their core functionality
This course also covers the principles of cloud computing and deployment; Dynamics 365 security and reporting; and will familiarise learners with the data and product integrations available
12 hours No
52 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals This course provides learners with a broad overview of the business value and product capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, including – Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents
Learners will create a simple PowerApp, connect data with Common Data Service (CDS), build a Power BI Dashboard, and automate a process with Microsoft Flow
3 hours Yes
53 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals This course will provide foundational-level knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. Topics include: general cloud computing concepts, as well as cloud computing models and services, such as Public, Private and Hybrid cloud, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service
It will also cover some core Azure services and solutions, as well as key Azure pillar services concerning security, privacy, compliance, and trust
10 hours No
54 AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials This course will provide overall understanding of AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles:
It covers the following topics:
Cloud Concepts Introduction
AWS Core Services
AWS Enhanced Services
AWS Architecting
Pricing and Support
6 hours No
55 Updated UK annual security refresher training module


This is the updated UK annual security refresher training module. Only those UK employees that have gone through the 5 mandatory security trainings are eligible to take this training.
75 mins Yes
56 Global Sustainability Awareness Module Emphasis is being placed on the “awareness module” as it introduces the climate emergency and how Capgemini are acting on climate change.  45 mins Yes

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